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What’s next for digital talent recruitment in 2022?

As digitization has taken over the world we live in, most industries are expected to require digital talent as a strategic part of their operations. 

But as time goes by and the market changes, new challenges have arisen in the recruitment landscape for attracting, selecting and retaining the most in-demand talents in the market. 

Company’s ability to address the skills shortage is going to be decisive for granting competitive advantage and innovation in the next few years.

So, what’s next for the recruitment of digital talents in 2022?

A boom in hires

Recruitment is expected to watch a jump in the number of hires in the next year, especially because the Coronavirus pandemic has forced 59% of CEOs to implement hiring freezes (Fortune). 

Besides that, companies felt the importance of having talent able to promote innovation. With the rearrangement of industries and the economic recovery after the pandemic’s worst moments, the recruitment sector tends to dilate.

A global talent pool

As remote work and interviews have become more and more common, recruiters’ options to hire do not necessarily depend on geographic location anymore. The “new normal” caused the recruitment to become global in many companies.

When the local market is saturated, hiring globally can save your company time and money, besides providing you with high-skilled talent. Besides managing global recruitment can be tricky, sourcers can help you conduct the process and find the talent that is missing.

Greater competition for digital talent

2022 brings a lot of tech workers to the market, but not enough to diminish the competition for them. With lower unemployment rates (from 3% in January 2020 to 2.8% in April 2020 – Bureau of Labor Statistics), digital professionals are still scarce.

Digital talent has become the main way to grant innovation and scalability to companies, factors that work to significantly enhance competitiveness. In this scenery, the ability to attract and retain the key digital talent is strategic for the success of organizations.

Skills & experience over degrees

Companies are starting to value talent’s abilities more than if they had a degree. Their previous experience is another game-changer for filling positions. The actual contribution talents are able to offer is what truly matters for a successful hire.

Recruiters are coming up with new ways to evaluate a candidate’s skills, and technology helps a lot in this process. Gamification during the hiring process helps reduce unconscious bias and allows measuring if talent’s skill sets match the vacancy.

Diversity and inclusion

The fact that diverse companies attain 19% more revenue (Market Watch) and 78% of jobseekers say they want to work for diverse companies (Survey Monkey) will impact on recruitment numbers. 

Companies that have been shaping their diversity culture will tend to attract and retain strategic talent easily. For the ones that postponed the issue, it’s time to address it and promote a diverse workforce.

Why addressing the skills gap now

The more digitized our society becomes, the more we rely on digital talents to create innovative solutions for everyday needs. Businesses that can count on skilled professionals to build these highly personalized solutions are many steps ahead of the competition.

Standing out from the crowd and attracting the professionals demanded can be a hard, time-consuming task, though. But there is a way to fill the skills gap investing reduced amounts of time and money into the recruitment process.

If your company is looking to fill strategic positions with the right talent in the most efficient way, we are here to help you. Book a call with our specialists and find out how great companies get the best digital talents in the market. 

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