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The Importance Of Offering Career Development Opportunities To Candidates

These days, employees are more aware of what they want from their careers. Our article on The Advantages of Lifelong Learning discusses that 40% of employees leave when offered poor training, while 94% of employees stay when the company is committed to career development. This is why when interviewing candidates, employers have to assure them that the time and resources they’ve invested into developing their professional skills will lead to something fulfilling.

One of the best ways to do this is by highlighting career development opportunities. Here’s why…

Attracting a broader talent pool

The best people to hire for your company are the ones who have serious drive and initiative — those who want to bring something new to the table. These are the same employees who will keep wanting to grow in their jobs. In a Pew Research Center study on the future of jobs and training, 87% of adults acknowledge the need for career development in order to keep up with the changing conditions of the workplace. For this reason, candidates will prioritize career development opportunities. If you want to broaden your company’s talent pool, the best way to do this is by offering something that can contribute to your potential employees’ continuous growth.

Increasing job satisfaction

Modern workers value personal development, and employers are in a position to supply them with the resources needed to do that. Hiring new employees is costly, which is why it’s important for companies to invest in their workers. And while both business leaders and workers benefit from the latter’s continued education, a training and development overview post on Maryville University notes that 20% of employees cited “a lack of career development opportunities” as one of the most common reasons to resign. When speaking with candidates, you can benefit greatly from reassuring them that your work environment can satisfy their desires to keep evolving professionally.

Developing trust

The way employers communicate their dedication to career development initiatives, and how deeply they understand its importance can determine whether they earn their candidates’ trust. A University of Florida study on building employee trust through communication explains that the use of motivational language to outline a company’s vision, values, and culture can help employees feel more connected to the organization and develop greater trust in their employers. So from the get-go, expressing commitment to employees’ growth can help you convey the organization’s ethos and strengthen your image to applicants.

Heightening workplace productivity

Offering career development opportunities also greatly benefit employers when it comes to optimizing productivity. This Business News Daily article on professional development cites that upskilling staff “looks to the future and growth of the company and [its employees]” because it equips workers with the skills needed to keep up with the rapid pace in which the job market is changing. Investing in employees’ continuous education also allows workers to perform more confidently and efficiently by fostering workplace flexibility and employee adaptability.

Both employers and employees have something to gain from each other, and the job interview is the best way to communicate what you have to offer to candidates. It’s a critical opportunity to convince workers that the job is worth taking, and the best way you can do that is by communicating your commitment to their growth through career development opportunities.

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