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Technology: discover the top professions in 2023

IT professionals are in need for many sectors. There are many different industries requiring custom software development. Just to name a few sectors such as fintech; adtech; biotechnology; edtech; energy; IoT; machine learning and artificial intelligence, etc.

Software developers make a significant impact on the world and help solve problems and create new technologies and software solutions. Observe some of the professionals that will thrive in 2023.

Big Data

Faced with the exponential increase in data linked to the operations of companies, it is necessary to know how to generate the need for “value” from them. This professional role is to use statistical technicians to understand data and help companies identify trends, make predictions and make data-driven decisions. Statisticians use guesswork and statistical methods to collect, analyze, and interpret data.

AI Specialist

In 2023, the topic of artificial intelligence is the focus, especially ChatGPT, an a

Artificial Intelligence (AI) system launched by OpenAI that almost perfectly simulates human dialogue, has attracted a lot of attention, demonstrating once again the potential of technology. 

The popularity of the Lensa application, mainly in Brazil, and the possibility of re-reading photos and images have also helped to broaden the discussion around the theme. AI major plans, develops and implements Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. Professionals deal with extracting and using data to drive decision-making, using cutting-edge solutions to solve complex business problems, improving efficiency and quality.

UX and UI Designer

In 2022 many companies announcing layoffs, hiring managers tend to prioritize candidates who can fill multiple roles over those with ultra-specialized skills. While job openings are dwindling, the number of newcomers is increasing every year, making competition between up-and-coming designers more intense, the user experience has never been more necessary. 

UX Design comes from the English “User Experience Design”. Thus, we can say that a UX designer seeks, develops and executes actions always centered on the user and that optimize the experience and satisfaction of users within the platform and the relationship with the company.

Full Developer stack

Knowledge of useful and reliable programming languages is a requirement in the development market to be able to write secure, easy-to-use and scalable applications. Because of this, experts in Python, JavaScript and HTML are always in high demand by companies. 

A full-stack developer is a professional with a broader background and is capable of working on both front-end and back-end projects. Front-end is the project used to develop the graphical interface presented to the user, that is, everything that people see when browsing a website. This includes text layouts, layouts, buttons, forms, fields, etc.

Product Manager

In a rapidly evolving market where technology companies are looking to extend their services to their customers, someone needs to lead the different aspects of the product alongside the engineering team. Get to know the role of product manager, one of the most coveted professions.

Soft Skills required

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Organization

If you are thinking about how to advance your software technology career in 2023, I hope this article has given you good parameters for your journey. It can be a difficult decision, but I think now is a great time to start. Among the characteristics of the areas with the highest demand in 2023, they point to good wages. For those with technical skills, knowledge of agile methodologies and mastery of English opportunities abound.




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