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StreetMusicMap gets approval of the Olympic Committee to boost busking scene in Rio

The Bridge member Daniel Bacchieri is a journalist, content developer, filmmaker and producer. He is also the founder and curator of StreetMusicMap, the worldwide collab channel about street musicians. His most recent works are focused on documentaries and branded content; produced by and for Fusion Network, NBA Entertainment, Zeppelin Filmes, VICE Brasil, Spy Films, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Adidas, AmBev, Diageo and Microsoft.

The StreetMusicMap project came to life to resonate with the music lineup that is made every day in the streets around the globe. The StreetMusicMap Instagram collab channel already has more than 1.100 artists documented on videos in 93 countries, all filmed by more than 700 collaborators  and the  numbers are expanding daily.

StreetMusicMap just had the go ahead of the Olympic Committee to explore the busking scene in Rio de Janeiro. They are now looking for partners to produce the event.

The project approved by the Olympic Comittee is called StreetMusicMap Festival – Live in Rio, and they intend to present 10 street bands from Rio de Janeiro during 2 days in public squares, around August, at the Olympic season in Rio.

Download here the presentation with full details (.pdf download)

Their goal is to produce:

– a street music festival in Rio;
– a short movie about the event;
– 10 short docs (one per band);
– a live music album recorded in the streets of Rio de Janeiro (10 bands, 10 tracks).

StreetMusicMap wants to be the most complete platform about street music in the world. The project wants to promote the exchange between musicians, fans and music lovers and also become a network for communication over the vast world of street musicians. The place where bands can connect with fans all over the world and a place for curators and people who want to find the real deal, the next big thing.

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To find out more contact:

Daniel Bacchieri
StreetMusicMap Founder & Curator


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