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Staffing in Latam: hiring or outsourcing?

Innovation demands the right people to address new projects. When the internal team should not absorb new projects at the moment but your company can’t wait to get projects off the paper, or when you need help from specialists to address technical profile Nearshoring or Permanent Placement are great options to get the job done in a low budget and less risky way.

The staffing modalities present several benefits when compared to the traditional recruitment of new interns. Get to know which are the characteristics and indications of them:


In this modality, companies hire services to implement projects from a relatively close geographic location, making it simple to put new projects into action and enhance products and services in record time.

Our team of sourcers quickly provide a functional expert team ready to start working, cutting the bureaucracy of developing an internal permanent team.

Permanent Placement

A great way to hire new internal members with very specific specialties without much experience or knowledge on the profile. 

This way, companies rely on the sourcer’s expertise on the profile they are looking for to get outstanding talent in a much reduced time.

When choosing each one?

If the company can’t involve the intern teams and managers in new projects, and only needs the new staff for a punctual project, Nearshoring can be the right direction to follow, especially when demands are growing but it’s not time to hire full-time employees and you are out of time to hire. 

Otherwise, if the company doesn’t have the expertise in hiring the specific kind of talent it needs, the demand for that position is recurring and strategic and the talent will be involved in important decision-making, it’s probably better to hire for a permanent internal position.

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