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Outsourcing: know the advantages of this trend in the UX Design market

Outsourcing in the UX field has become a worthwhile option to face the crisis, resolving some of the main challenges in building a high-performing team. 

There are many reasons for the increasing adoption of outsourcing. But what are the advantages for your company?

Holistic vision

Every company has its way to do things, and that’s great, it’s part of their culture and helps to set a direction for everybody. But the UX designer can’t afford to restrain itself to patterns, no matter how well-functioning to the company these patterns are.

UX work needs to be detached from predefined standard methods, and that’s why it’s important the designer carries an external view, emphasizing with the user, and not just with the company.


31% of the companies outsource to enhance service delivery output and quality. Having the right professionals working on the projects turns out to be a mandatory factor on outsourcing trend in UX field.

We are not only talking about hiring highly qualified professionals, but also being able to choose, for each project, designers with a suitable expertise.

Building a fixed, full time UX team that watches over all projects, can limit performance, because each sprint holds a very different challenge. Excellence requires specific skill sets to be executed the best-in-class designs, and top performing digital products being shipped.

The outsourcing companies meet the need for access to a group of multidisciplinary specialists, specifically chosen for each challenge, with the fast starting advantage and the low learning curve thanks to the professional’s experience.

Management focused on the business

All company’s sectors need to be administered. A manager’s time is short, and hiring managers for every sector isn’t always an option, and that’s why 57% of companies that use outsourcing services do it to keep the focus on core business.

The UX sector management is transferred to the outsourcing agency. While it administers the designers, your company can focus on managing and executing the main business without giving up on the user experience.

On demand sourcing

When UX is not the core business, designer’s work demand tends to be very high in the pre-development project phases, and, until there are new features, the designer has less demand, mostly minding the quality control.

If UX work demand is not constant in your company, hire through outsourcing is the ideal option, because your company can hire a quality service for the time range it is really needed. I guarantee the bills will make more sense this way than having full-service agreements with low work demand.

Even though outsourcing may cost more at first, the advantages this solution brings to the company can easily pay the investment. It’s worth trying outsourcing as a strategy to optimize UX sector in your company.

Source: Deloitte

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