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Salary Guide: key insights about remuneration in the digital industry

For 3 months we conducted a survey about digital professional’s career and remuneration, reaching several industries and different profiles of respondents.  The research reached 5 Latin...

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The new generation of professionals

By 2030, gen Z will make up 30% of the US workforce  (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). With different characteristics from the previous generations, gen Z is the first digital-native...

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Can Artificial Intelligence be creative?

One of the panels on the second day of the Web Summit, presented by Mary-Ann Russon, François-Xavier Pierrel, Edith Yeung and Sean MacDonald brought the theme of using Artificial Intelligence to...

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Uruguay’s High Tech Becoming Digital Hub in Latin América

By Peter Howard Wertheim & Dayse Abrantes - International Journalists

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