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Nearshoring, Outsourcing or Permanent Placement: what are the differences?

Currently, there are many options for sourcing digital services in the market. With so many modalities, it can be hard to know exactly which service is the best.

At The Bridge, we offer a highly personalized service for companies, providing digital talent in the squad-as-a-service modality or punctual positions. It all depends on the momentum of each company.

Besides the number of hires a company needs to make, it can opt for 3 main ways to source digital services: Nearshoring, Outsourcing or Permanent Placement.

What service is more recommended for each case?


In this modality, companies hire services to implement projects, and the team of sourcers and recruiters take care of finding the perfect professionals for the job, making it simple to put new projects into action and enhance products and services in record time.

Outsourcing is a great way to save time, management energy and cut costs, because it quickly provides a functional expert team ready to start working.


It is a branch of the outsourcing service, in which allocated professionals provide services for companies from a relatively close geographic location. 

The advantages here are being able to reduce costs by trusting specific projects to a third party, not needing to develop an internal team to do the job, besides allocating part of your operation in a less expensive location.

As most of our projects are located in Latin America, advantages like cultural proximity, talent in English, close time-zone and relative proximity to companies inside the continent arise.

Permanent Placement

When companies are looking for talents to be part of the intern staff, permanent placement is the solution. Recruiters use their expertise to hire a new member for your company that works internally. 

That’s a great way to hire people with very specific specialties when companies don’t have much experience or knowledge about some kinds of profiles. This way they get outstanding talent in a much reduced time.

If you plan to be sure you hire the right people, nothing better than relying on the structure and expertise of a qualified sourcer.

True stories: how companies are using our services?

Check how it was hiring through us in these success cases from 2 of our clients: 

Agile revolution speeding-up processes

In this Nearshoring project for Uber, we developed a personalized process for the Uber Rides operations to deliver value in little time and speed product development to respond to customer’s needs promptly.

As a result, we reduced 55.73% of hours invested in planning, increasing productivity and strategic focus. But most important, the Agile mindset helped Uber to align principles and reduce anxiety enabling team collaboration and performance.

Closing several IT positions in record time

In its process to build Agile Cells, Grupo Falabella looked for the Permanent Placement service to fill a number of IT vacancies, aiming to see a significant reduction in the SLA.

With our quick service, we managed to hire 11 “Gennials”, 4 of them in 24h, keeping the SLA in 7 days. 

Hiring digital talents? We take care of it for you

No matter if companies need Outsourcing, Nearshoring or Permanent Placement, they can always count on us to take digital strategies off the paper. 

The best way to affirm which modality is better for each business case is booking a coffee with our specialists, so they can get to know more about the strategy and advise companies based on their experience with ambitious digital projects.  
Click here to contact our specialists and introduce us to what you have in mind for your project.

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