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Latin America: a great place to find digital talent

The perspectives for hiring digital talents in the U.S. point to an increasing demand that surpasses the amount of talent available in the country.

This situation creates the talent gap, as companies are unable to find the talent they need. By 2030, the talent shortage and skills gap in the U.S. alone is expected to total a loss of $8.5 trillion (PwC).

When you have contacted all the suitable talents in the country and still couldn’t close the position, it’s time to put in practice a strategy to grow your talent pool. 

Enlarging the talent pool

A great answer for the talent gap crisis is finding digital talents in other parts of the world. Asia, Africa and Latin America are common destinations to find digital talent. 

Hiring professionals from other countries enhances the company culture and opens up the company to diversity, helping to create a workplace set to innovation.

However, if your company is located in the U.S., hiring Latin American talent offers some advantages when compared to other parts of the world.

Top benefits of hiring digital professionals from Latam

Lower cultural barrier

American countries share more than a territory in common, but also a similar cultural background that makes it easier to integrate the foreign members of the team.

Closer time-zone

While it can be very difficult to work synchronously from Africa or Asia, in America the time-zone difference is almost zero.


The average wage for highly skilled digital talent in the region tends to be lower than in the U.S., which makes these talents more accessible for companies.

Strong tech environment in Latam

Latin America is a very fertile region for tech businesses and startups. The region has several tech hubs, especially in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia. 

It is also the home of some of the world’s most successful startups, scaleups and unicorns, like Nubank, Rappi, Ifood, 99, NotCo, Kavak and many others.

This tech environment in Latam has been shaping digital professionals to the world’s demand in this market, reaching the higher levels of excellence and setting a creative and innovative mindset in these professionals.

That’s why latin american tech workers are so adaptable and creative, as they have experienced a fast-paced innovative environment during their careers.

Remote-first brings flexibility

The pandemic has shown us all that remote work can be a great arrangement in different contexts, and, if done well, it can be better than in person work itself.

If you plan to hire staff from abroad, offering a flexible work arrangement can shorten your hiring process and allow the talents to start working immediately.

Employees won’t necessarily have to move from their countries, but beware to create a remote-first environment, otherwise their employee experience can be seriously damaged.


Now that you know the main advantages of hiring digital talents from abroad, you can evaluate if this is what the company needs. 

Remember to choose the work arrangement based not only on what seems easier now, but on what works best for your company at this moment. 

For example, if you don’t have a good remote culture, you are better hiring presentially, supporting the talent if it needs to move out, rather than offering a bad employee experience when the culture is not remote-first.

Count on us to guide you through this process that can be tricky at first. We are experts in latin american digital talent, so, just let us know what are your current challenges and we’ll advise you with our expertise.

Contact us here and we’ll help you leave the talent gap behind.

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