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How we build bridges in the financial industry: Success Cases

The way people use banking services has significantly changed in the last few years. The number of active online banking users worldwide is expected to increase to 2, 551.8 millions until 2024 (Statista).

These shifts have been impulsed by the changes in the customer behaviour and the fintech boom, both bringing new demands to the table.

The global financial services market is projected to reach $26.5 trillion by 2022 (The Business Research Company, 2020). As technology is key for reshaping the business and standing out of the crowd, there is a fierce dispute for digital talents running worldwide.

In this article, we are going to show you how The Bridge helped top banks in LATAM to achieve highly qualified digital professionals in a short time to kick-off the revolution.

Promoting banking services for everyone

In order to transform the means of Payment in Jamaica, a Incumbent in the Caribbean joined The Bridge in a project that seeks to promote electronic commerce, bank the population and retain its customers.

The project’s objective was creating an application that allows people to access the banking sector, easing the transfer processes and extinguishing the risk of cash. We create a high-quality squad capable of launching the application within 6 months. 

With the application developed by the Squad selected by us, users access a modern, instant platform with a high-level experience. Now, people and companies are able to reduce financial costs and risks due to the security of this new platform.

Financial Industry’s Digital Transformation in Jamaica

From the hand of a Jamaican Bank’ team and seeking to retain their customers, we made their Mobile APP. For this project, the conglomerate was able to make an application that allows immediate transactions of remittances and payments.

Our job was creating a high-quality squad capable of launching the application within 6 months. With the application developed by our Squad, the company will save more than 90% of the time taken to carry out a financial transaction, allow instant international remittances for both Jamaicans and immigrants and decongest its branches to provide correct customer service.

Customer experience revolution in Brazil

Looking to promote the best experience for its customers, Itaú counted on us to find the perfect professionals to assist, facilitate and improve the development of new projects in the Brand Identity area.

Itaú needed to optimize the amount of time used in different existing planning exercises to maximize the job’s focus.

We used our know-how to find qualified professionals in labelling, branding and digital identity with the best cost-benefit for our client, in a short time.

As a result, we’ve selected a senior team of Designers and Identity Editors, Brand and Tone of voice, prompt to think about strategic planning for the delivery of projects.

The Challenge

Hiring for digital transformation is a highly personalized job. All the financial institutions above were looking for candidates that blended in the company’s culture and purpose. We have a key role in spotting the right talents, saving time and money for companies.

Whatever the strategy is, when it comes to digital transformation, you always want to count with a candidate that suits your needs and blends into the company’s purpose. We make sure to select candidates that fill comportmental skills and have a cultural fit with your company.

If your project needs the perfect digital talents, book a virtual coffee with our specialists and let us know what are your needs for your team.

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