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How to retain diverse talent?

Diversity in the workplace is powerful for the business. As more and more companies get aware of it, they immediately search for ways to attract diverse talent. 

Corporations identified as more diverse and inclusive are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. (McKinsey)

Even though the effort to attract diverse talent is more than valid, if the company can’t retain these talents, only attracting diverse people won’t fix the gap.

Retention strategies

Here are some tips on what to do to increase retention:

Amazing onboarding

The moment a candidate becomes an employee is very sensitive in the candidate experience as a whole. A good first impression can make employees feel welcomed and included in the team. 

Onboarding should not be only about papers and documentation, but rather a moment of understanding deeper the company’s culture, breaking the ice with the new coworkers and getting familiarized with the processes.

Stay interviews

A great way to avoid diverse talent wanting to quit is making sure their expectations and needs are being met. Stay interviews are designed especially for that! 

In this kind of interview, the manager invites the collaborator to an informal conversation and asks some questions that help map the overall feelings of the employee towards his experience in the company. This way, managers can understand whether the employee is happy or is thinking about leaving. 

Support the creation of communities within the organization

Connecting to people that understand the hardships of being a diverse talent can be a great way to promote a safe space for exchanging ideas and finding solutions for diversity-related issues. 

Encouraging the creation of communities can positively impact employee wellbeing and engagement, making the work environment more friendly and attractive to diversity.

Providing means to grow in the company

To make sure diverse talents won’t be harmed by unconscious bias and prejudice in its career path inside the company, it’s important to be intentional in providing them access to the means that will lead them to succeed.

Be transparent about the ways to grow in the company and understand what their goals are in the short and long term. Provide them adequate mentoring and formalize a career plan that makes sense for their targets. In short: do everything you can to ensure diverse employees’ success.

Diversity meeting business goals

Gone is the time when diversity was seen as a secondary concern for companies. 2 out of 3 job candidates seek companies that have diverse workforces (Glassdoor), and 74% of millennial employees believe their organization is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion (Deloitte).

Retention is key for keeping your company diverse and inclusive, as you end up attracting more diverse candidates when there is a diverse environment to offer. 

We hope these tips can help you increase the retention of diversity. If you are looking for highly skilled digital talents or squads, contact us here and we will help you get the professionals you need in a short time.

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