HIRED! Javier Ballaguer: top UX Designer we helped moving from UK to Chile

How did you end up as a UX Designer in Europe?
Well, I moved from Chile to Europe (Barcelona) with a scholarship to study a post grade in fine arts.
I was very much interested in infographics at the time. Then little by little moved from illustration to animation and to design. Of course web design offered good opportunities for jobs. I had the chance to work in several places such as South of France, Amsterdam, Scotland but most of the time I spent in London where there is a very developed market to work in the digital and creative field.
Why did you want to come back to Chile after more than 10 years?
I always kept and eye to what was happening in Santiago and I saw that in the last 3 years has been a clear development in opportunities and recognition of the importance of UX as a discipline. So I thought, why not give it a try. Also it’s really nice to get back to see family and friends.
What is the best thing about coming back home?
I love Chilean avocados and of course the sunny weather!
Other than that Santiago is not too big, not too small and provides a good lifestyle.
What attracted you to the role advertised by The Bridge?
The Bridge agency felt as the recruitment agencies I use in London, no wasted time, very fast to answer questions and reliable. Also the project advertised was very exciting, to help opening a European agency (Imille) in Santiago with a client spanning 5 countries in South America.
What does the future looks like?
I take every step at the time, but I think there are plenty of opportunities for professionals in the UX/UI, product and service design here in South America as there is so much to do and improve.


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