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ChatGPT the Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT, a fascinating new application from GAN* (Generative Adversarial Networks), surprised people with its great ability to give precise answers and with sentences that seem to be written by humans. All thanks to artificial intelligence. Developed by OpenAI an American AI research company, ChatGPT was launched in late November 2022 and experienced a boom in popularity shortly after its launch.

The bot is a collective work of the OpenAI Software Engineering team and Data Science, whose main objective was to develop a chat capable of answering questions to make people’s lives easier.

For those unfamiliar with GANs , it’s a type of neural network that uses two competing networks – a generator and a classifier – to produce realistic results. The generator produces false outputs and the discriminator tries to distinguish between false outputs and real data. Through this round-trip process, the GAN is able to produce output that is indistinguishable from real data. (Forbes)

ChatGPT uses generative networks to respond to text in a natural way. This makes it possible for the software to interact with people in natural conversations. The GPT Chat template is one of the largest language templates ever built. It uses 175B parameters, making it very large compared to other models. GPT Chat constantly learns and adapts to the data its users provide through natural conversations with humans.

What can ChatGPT do?

The purpose of ChatGPT is to help people efficiently complete tasks and solve problems in all aspects of life. Therefore, ChatGPT can be useful in several ways.  (BBC)

Advantages of ChatGPT

Accuracy: GPT, trained on a large amount of data, which allows it to generate highly realistic and coherent text.

Flexibility: GPT can be tuned to perform a variety of natural language processing (NLP) tasks, including language translation, text summarization, and classification.

Efficiency: GPT can quickly generate human-like text, saving time and resources when handling certain NLP tasks.

Cost-effective: Offers low-cost GPT-based services, many of which are accessed by using APIs.

How can GPT Chat be monetized?

Paid API: Open AI can provide a paid API for companies that want to integrate GPT Chat into their apps or services, similar to how Google offers its Maps API.

Sell Content: GPT Chat is capable of generating a ton of different content in the form of media, written text, audio and much more. These contents are useful for companies that regularly run email campaigns, online courses, eBooks, etc. Open AI may charge a fee for the use of this content.

Chatbot Service: OpenAI may also consider creating and monetizing a chatbot service, trained and based on ChatGPT feedback.

App/Website Creation: Using the free GPT API, companies can create apps and websites for education, gaming, content creation, and much more. For example, Algolia is using GPT Chat to help users perform faster and more relevant searches.

Main topic among CEOs at Davos

Corporate titans at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, discussed the ChatGPT created in San Francisco at great length. OpenAI investor Microsoft announced that the company’s tools – including GPT-3.5, the Codex programming assistant and the DALL-E 2 image generator, are available to enterprise customers of the ChatGPT suite.

“I think these technologies act as a co-pilot and help people do more with less,” said Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, to the public in Davos.

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