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Can Artificial Intelligence be creative?

One of the panels on the second day of the Web Summit, presented by Mary-Ann Russon, François-Xavier Pierrel, Edith Yeung and Sean MacDonald brought the theme of using Artificial Intelligence to develop campaigns based on data.

This new conception of the use of Artificial Intelligence goes against the traditional view that AI would not be useful in the creative field.

With almost infinite data processing power, building creative capability in AI starts a new era of Machine Learning, bringing a revolution in scalability to creative areas.

How does the “creativity” of AI works?

According to Mark Twain, there are no new ideas, only copies and differentiations of concepts that already existed before. Following this idea, the connection between these concepts in different ways in the human brain could generate what we call ideas.

Whether Twain is right or not, the construction of Artificial Intelligences capable of processing massive amounts of data and using them to create something new would follow a logic similar to that illustrated by him.

If both the human mind and AI would have their “creativity” limited to the data they have access to, machines could outperform humans because they can process an amount of data that humans can’t.

Are there reasons to fear the advance of AI?

According to Kai Fu Lee’s “replacement risk” matrix, it is the non-social professions and those in a structured environment that are more likely to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.

With the advancement of Machine Learning, would the creative professions be threatened with replacement as well?

Even professions whose main base is creativity rely on metrics and hard data to base their analysis and scale up campaigns. Creative professions also have a strong need for a concrete foundation.

The idea is not to replace the Marketing department with robots, but to provide the Marketing team with AIs capable of carrying out the “hard” work that takes up a significant amount of the creatives’ time.

Using Artificial Intelligence as an ally allows leveraging the scale of campaigns, allowing creative professionals to reach new heights.

The future is now

The possibilities brought by Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are endless, leading humanity to advances that would have been impossible before.

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