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Bridget, The Bridge’s recruitment chatbot, receives investment from ABDI

In the picture: Marcos Alves; Country Manager at The Bridge; Rafael Rudnytsky from LIBBS Pharmaceutical; Paulo Beck, CEO of Grow; Lanna Dioum, ABDI’s inovation coordinator

ABDI awards startups that connected to industries

Agency’s program that promotes the meeting between big companies and new entrepreneurs from Brazil and Portugal, predicts R$4,8 million in incentives. Concept Proof will be in November 26, in São Paulo.

The 30 industries selected on Startup-4.0-Industry Connection National Program (Programa Nacional Conexão Startup Indústria 4.0) matched with startups that will develop innovative solutions for them. This is the second edition of ABDI (Agência Brasileira de Desenvolvimento Industrial) initiative, that also includes Portugal. One industry and three startups from the European country are on the program, that will give a total of R$4,8 million in awards to the new entrepreneurs.

“The objective is supporting innovation and 4.0 technologies to the productive sector and, at the same time, strengthen the business environment. We’ve had excellent results with Startup-Industry Connection’s first edition, what can be verified by the increase of subscriptions on the second edict”, pointed Igor Calvet, ABDI’s president. The mentioned increase was of 77% among the industries and 53% among startups.

The next stage of the program will be the Industry Startup Workshop, this Tuesday (26) in São Paulo, when the Concept Proof (POC) will happen. “Both sides in the relation communicate from a distance, personally meeting after that, sharing affinities, getting closer and, now, they’ll start working together during POC. This will be the second presential meeting between the entrepreneurs”, describes Lanna Dioum, Startup-4.0-Industry Connection’s Coordinator.

The state with the higher number of industries is São Paulo, with 11, followed by Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina (6 each), Paraná (4), Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, with one each, besides the Portuguese Myshirt, from textile sector. The European company connected to two Brazilian startups: Fastdezine and Eco Têxtil.

The national industries are: Docol Metais Sanitários, Procosa, Renault, Natura, Bosch, Embraco, Marcopolo, Votorantim Cimentos, Libbs, Botica, Malwee, Arcelormittal, Cartepillar, 3M, Fras-LE, Oxiteno, Mondelez, Tigre, Confab, Nestlé, Vale, Cobra Correntes, Wirklich, International Indústria Automotiva, Schneider, Electrolux, BRF, Usaflex and Springer.

From the total, 20% are chemical products industries, pharmochemical and pharmaceutical; 17% are machines and equipment factories, same percentage of motor vehicles, tows and body shells industries; 10% are food-related products industries, 7% metallurgy and other 7% of rubber and plastic products.

Startup Industry 1.0

The first edition of the program, named National Startup-Industry Connection, has reached the goal of connecting ten startups to ten industries. The startup’s pilots were acquired by the big companies by a total amount that exceeded R$ 1 million. ABDI also distributed R$ 4,16 million in prizes in the first edict. Besides, other 17 startups sold their solutions to the industries, by relationships established during the program.

The industries pointed the main benefits from ABDI’s initiative included: the cost reduction; raise in productivity; and processes optimization. To the companies, the connection allowed them to better understand the needs and characteristics of the relationship with startups.

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