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Booming digital industries in 2022

The digital transformation has reached many industries, bringing innovation and enhancing the business capacity to succeed in a competitive environment.

A jump in productivity and precision are important attributes of highly digitized industries. They become way more competitive than traditional companies, because they can scale  their production and have more control over it.

In this article, we’ll illustrate how digital transformation is happening in each of the top-digitized industries.

The most digitized sectors

A study from Mckinsey & Company shows the levels of digitization that different industries have. We will talk more about how the digital transformation process changed and enhanced each of the 4 most digitized sectors.

Information & communications technology

No surprise that the technological sectors are the most digitized of all. The demand for IT related services and products exploded when the pandemics created a big shift in the way people would live their lives, forcing all industries to adapt.

The industry provides the basis that grant digital transformation of traditional industries, but it’s also essential for the digital-native initiatives that found new ways to enter in traditional markets, like the startups. 


The Media industry uses different technologies to thrive and stand out with the best results. One example is the use of Data Analytics for real time content management. This technique uses customer’s insights to deliver them relevant content. 

The media tasks are being automated each time more, relying on digital systems to wrap up marketing operations.

Professional services

The sector is a leader in using technology to improve work and invests heavily in digital transformation. As the world evolves into digitization, the new roles of professional services arise, demanding new digital skills to operate.

The shifting customer demand and expectations, the virtual environment to perform services and the automation of processes is granting higher efficiency and lower costs for services.

Finance & Insurance

The sector is going through deep shifts in how business works. The digital advancements and the shift in customer behaviour has brought digital-native initiatives that revolutionized the business, like fintechs and insurtechs.

The traditional financial and insurance institutions are learning from the startups and rebuilding their operations in order to become more competitive. Technologies like IoT, mobile and cloud computing are in vogue.

Digital transformation reshaping businesses

As practically every industry has been reshaped by the general digitization and affected by the shift in the customer’s shopping habits, digital transformation has become more than a way of staying out of the crowd, becoming necessary for the evolution and survival of companies.

Although the direction to go is set, the way to get there depends on talented digital professionals to drive the transformation and take projects from the paper.

What threatens the digitization of industries is the shortage of skilled talent to operate the emerging technologies that allow innovation. 
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