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Irina Bezzan



25 years of experience in Business Management and HR . Managing Director na The Bridge.Social. Responsible for Brazil Sales & Operations, P&L, EBITDA, DRE, financial reports, Talent Acquisition Operations in Latin America, Performance and Career Evaluation, Benefits, Compensation, Labor Relations, Employer Branding, Training, Corporate University, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Culture Management, and Organizational Climate. An entrepreneur for more than 15 years in StartUps in the area of ​​Events, Education, Technology, Healthy Food, and Beverages B2B / B2C, and Social Impact. Senior Career Consultant, Coach, and Mentor for Startups and Entrepreneurs. Enthusiastic about topics: People, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.


I fundamentally believe that people are change-makers to a better world. The power of connection between people is the answer to many challenges in our future

Irina Bezzan

We are global

The barriers have been broken, our global multicultural talent network works remotely and in person through staffing, nearshoring or internal projects.




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