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Bruno Pina

Global VP Growth & Strategy


Experienced Executive into the Digital Transformation and Corporate Strategic Innovation with a genuine focus on Cultural & People transformation bringing a special passion on Inclusion & Diversity and Lean & Agile mindset.

His experience goes beyond the intra-entrepreneurship inside companies, as part of the Startup Ecosystem to foster beginners, became mentor and advisor.

Along his career, his profile brought a mix between passion for People plus an experience on Management Consulting, Entrepreneur and being a C-Level of a global company, it’s quite a powerful combination for disruptive innovation.

He’s been part of companies as Distrito, Hackmed, AstraZeneca and Mckinsey.


The next level of professionals skills will be based on the dosage of humanity they can put into their day-to-day work. We are living a era where being innovative is the ability to include human skills together with your hard skills!

Bruno Pina

We are global

The barriers have been broken, our global multicultural talent network works remotely and in person through staffing, nearshoring or internal projects.




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