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4 key digital careers recruitment challenges and how to address them

Digital professions have been in high demand in the last few years, and technology jobs will add more than 531,000 jobs by 2029 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). 

The talent war brings new challenges to the table, requiring an improved recruitment strategy. 

In this article, we present the main challenges of recruitment in digital specialties and our suggestions on how to address them.

1 – Recruiting for high-demand positions

As there are countless companies looking for the same personal profiles, recruiting the right candidate depends on attracting them better than the competition.

The best way to keep the internal positions attractive for developers is showing what makes the opportunities you are offering unique.

Besides the remuneration value, there are some benefits that make your job posts appealing to digital professionals, like a good company’s culture, offering opportunities to learn, flexible work arrangements and other benefits.

2 – Receiving too many out-of-profile candidates

A good starting point to avoid getting too many unmatching candidates is checking if your job posts display the correct wanted profile. Also, be sure the expectations are realistic for the position.

Give preference for finding candidates in the right profile rather than getting many applicants. A good way to do that is by avoiding using generalist job portals, giving preference to the ones that focus on the specific professional profile and skills that you are looking for.

Even receiving less candidates, their relatability to the positions you want to fill will be more assertive.

3 – Scarce local digital workforce

The local talent shortage is a great threat to innovation in companies, but fortunately there are ways to detour from this issue.

If the local talent pool is too narrow, expanding the searches to the global scale augments your chances to access great digital professionals.

Outsourcing digital talents from Latin America is a great opportunity to hire top of the line experts that are out of the local radar, while saving time and cutting costs with recruitment.

4 – Finding candidates who match the company’s culture

Hard skills alone can’t guarantee successful hires. Fitting the company’s culture is essential to preview whether candidates will merge into the company’s values and mission.

Cultivating a strong culture in your company is alone an amazing move to attract talented candidates. A healthy and ethical work environment can boost the appeal for finding the right people.

Talent integration to the culture is essential for a good relation between company and employee. 


Recruiting skilled digital talent amid the global war for these professionals is not an easy task. It consumes a lot of HR and leaders’ time and can be very costly for companies. 

At The Bridge, we help companies to find the perfect match for digital positions in technology, design, Agile, product development and other related fields. 

If your company struggles to recruit the profiles needed, we can deliver the right talent in record time.  

Overcoming the challenges presented in this article takes effort, but it completely pays off having an up-to-date recruitment process that will empower the company to attract and retain more qualified talent.

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